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American Hazel (The Living Centre)


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Seed – raw or cooked in soups, bread, biscuits, sweets etc. The nuts have a thick shell with a small sweet kernel, they make an excellent dessert. Although smaller than the seeds of cultivated species, the seed is of the same general quality. Nuts at the ‘milk’ stage (before they are fully ripe) are softer and sweeter. The seed is rich in oil. The seed ripens in mid to late autumn and will probably need to be protected from squirrels. When kept in a cool place, and not shelled, the seed should store for at least 12 month. An edible oil is obtained from the seed.

Additional Information

Latin Name

Corylus americana



Size At Maturity


Usda Zone

Zone 4

Native Habitat

Woodland Garden_Sunny Edge;_Dappled Shade;_Hedge; can produce nuts in shade.

Native To Ontario


Pollination Requirements

At least two are needed to produce nuts

Size of plant for sale

Bareroot sucker


These are divided from strong, vigorous, long-lived plants that have been unaffected by Eastern Filbert Blight.

Plant Description Source

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