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Hardy Kiwi – Michigan State


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Product Description

Yes, these are kiwis we can grow here in Southern Ontario! They are a related species to grocery-store kiwis, and grow in a similar way to grapes on a long vine. They can be trained up a pergola, trellis, or even a tree, as well as being trained onto any system used for grape cultivation. They grow rapidly once established, but tend to only spread from the crown and not be dispersed by birds. Smaller than grocery-store kiwis (about the size of a grape), they are also ‘fuzzless’ and sweeter. You need at least one male kiwi to pollinate up to eight female kiwis in order to get fruit on the female plants.

Michigan State: This valuable, very productive variety is prized for its exceptionally large fruit and delicious flavor. Michigan State’s lime green fruit can weigh up to 1 oz.

Fruit – raw, cooked or dried for later use. Sweeter than A. deliciosa, the kiwi fruit, the skin is smooth and can be eaten with the fruit. The fruit contains up to 5 times the vitamin C content of blackcurrants. They contain a number of small seeds, but these are easily eaten with the fruit. The plant is rich in sap and this can be tapped and drunk in the spring.

Additional Information

Latin Name

Actinidia arguta



Size At Maturity

50′ vine

Usda Zone

Zone 4

Native Habitat

Climbing woodland trees in mountain forests, thickets, streamsides, and moist places.

Pollination Requirements

Female: Requires a male Hardy Kiwi to produce fruit.

Size of plant for sale

1 gallon pot


Michigan State

Plant Description Source

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