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Schisandra Vine – Eastern Prince


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Product Description

Eastern Prince: A selection of self-fertile Magnolia Vine from the Vavilov Institute at Vladivostok, Eastern Prince Schisandra Vine bears good crops of large, tasty fruit. Eastern Prince Schisandra Vine is hardy to minus 35 degrees F., USDA Zone 3. This particular variety is bears clusters of lightly fragrant, magnolia-like flowers. The snow-white flowers are followed by striking, crimson berries which have a tart and very distinctive taste and aroma. The fruit makes tasty, vitamin-rich juice and preserves, and the dried leaves, shoots, and roots are used to make a refreshing and stimulating tea.

Chinese name: Wu Wei Zi

Additional Information

Latin Name

Schisandra chinensis



Size at Maturity

6′-8′ on tellis (30′ vine in wild.)


Zone 3

Native Habitat

Mixed forests, especially on the margins, also by streams and brooks, usually on sandy soils.

Pollination Requirements


Size of plant for sale

1 gallon pot

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