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Silvervine Kiwi – Vera’s Pride


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Product Description

From the Russian Far East, this attractive vine shares the hardwoods forest of that region with Arctic Beauty and Hardy Kiwi, Amur Grape, and Magnolia Vine. Silver Vine is prized for its large, white, fragrant flowers, greenish-silver foliage, and abundant crops of unique, sweet, light orange fruit. Great for covering a fence, wall, or arbor, Silver Vine, likes partial shade and is hardy to minus 35 degrees F., USDA Zone 3.

Vera’s Pride Silver Vine Kiwi is a very attractive female selection that bears large, sweet and tasty, light orange fruit. Vera’s Pride ™ also features large, white, fragrant flowers and very attractive, white frosted foliage.

Fruit – raw or cooked. The fruit contains up to 5 times the vitamin C. of blackcurrants. Fairly large fruits, up to 3cm across. The ovoid fruits are orange and hairless when fuly ripe. It contains a number of small seeds, but these are easily eaten with the fruit. Leaves – raw or cooked. The leaves can also be roasted and mixed with tea. The leaves are hallucinogenic and sedative. The leaves contain substances that make them very attractive to cats and for this reason they are especially useful as a sedative for lions etc in zoos. When consumed in large quantities the leaves can have a mild hallucinatory effect. Polygamol, which is made from the fruits, is used as a heart tonic. A dry decoction is used to treat colic and rheumatism.

Additional Information

Latin Name

Actinidia polygama



Size At Maturity

19′ vine

Usda Zone

Zone 4

Native Habitat

Woodland and hedges in mountains.

Pollination Requirements

Male: Pollinates up to 8 female Silvervine Kiwis. Does not produce fruit.

Size of plant for sale

1 gallon pot


Vera’s Pride

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