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Wild Leeks


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Product Description

Bulb – raw or cooked. Used mainly as a flavouring in salads and savoury dishes. This is one of the best N. American wild species for sweetness and flavour. A mild sweet flavour, resembling leeks. The bulb is rather small, it is up to 12mm wide and 50mm tall and is produced in clusters on a rhizome. Leaves – raw or cooked. The unfolding leaves in spring have a mild sweet flavour, resembling leeks. Flowers – raw. Used as a garnish on salads. A hot onion flavour. This species probably has most of the medicinal virtues of garlic (Allium sativum) but in a milder form. Traditionally the leaves were used in the treatment of colds and croup, and also as a spring tonic. The warm juice of the leaves and bulb was used externally in the treatment of earaches. A strong decoction of the root is emetic.

Additional Information

Latin Name

Allium tricoccum



Size At Maturity


Usda Zone

Zone 6

Native Habitat

Woodland Garden_Dappled Shade

Native To Ontario


Size of plant for sale

Bareroot clump

Plant Description Source

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