Sale! American Persimmon – Prairie Sun
American Persimmon – Prairie Sun

Prairie Sun – (Claypool A-33 cv.) This beautiful, orange-yellow fruit is not only early ripening, it is also delectably sweet, firm, and delicious. Apparently self-fertile, Prairie Sun bears abundant crops of large seedless fruit. Fruit – raw, cooked or dried … Continued

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Sale! Medlar – Karadagskaya
Medlar – Karadagskaya

Karadagskaya: A new and very productive and attractive variety, Karadagskaya Medlar Fruit Tree bears heavy crops of 1-1/2″ diameter, pleasantly sweet-tart, smooth textured fruits. When ripe, the large fruits develop an attractive, dark, nut brown color. The fruit does not always ripen … Continued

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Sale! Medlar – Marron
Medlar – Marron

  Marion – One of the favourite varieties of our supplier, they have grown Marron Medlar, an attractive and naturally compact tree, for many years. They enjoy its abundant, annual crops of large, particularly tasty, chestnut colored fruit. Unique and very uncommon in North America, Medlar … Continued

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Sale! Mountain Ash – Rabina
Mountain Ash – Rabina

Rabina – Rabina was selected in Russia for its non-bitter, sweet-tart, tasty and nutritious fruit. Rabina’s abundant and attractive, bright orange berries can be eaten fresh and make tasty juice and preserves. Rabina forms an upright-growing, small to medium-size tree … Continued

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