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Leaves and young shoots – cooked. An asparagus or celery substitute. An excellent sweet tasting vegetable, though some caution is recommended. The leaves need to be eaten whilst still very young since they quickly become fibrous. Flowers – raw or cooked. The petals are thick and crunchy, making very pleasant eating raw, with a nice sweetness at the base because of the nectar. The flowers can also be dried and used as a thickener in soups etc. In this case, they are picked when somewhat withered and closed. A rich source of iron[218]. Flower buds – raw or cooked. A pea-like flavour. Can be dried and used as a relish. The dried flower contains about 9.3% protein. 25% fat!?, 60% carbohydrate (rich in sugar), 0.9% ash. It is rich in vitamin A. Tubers – raw or cooked. A nutty flavour[62]. Young tubers are best, though the central portion of older tubers is also good. Diuretic, febrifuge, laxative (mild). The flowers are anodyne, antiemetic, antispasmodic, depurative, febrifuge and sedative. In China they are used as an anodyne for women in childbirth. An extract of the flowers is used as a blood purifier. The rhizome has shown antimicrobial acivity, it is also tuberculostatic and has an action against the parasitic worms that cause filariasis. It is used in Korea to treat oppilation, jaundice, constipation and pneumonia. The juice of the roots is an effective antidote in cases of arsenic poisoning. The root also has a folk history of use in the treatment of cancer – extracts from the roots have shown antitumour activity. A tea made from the boiled roots is used as a diuretic.

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Latin Name

Hemerocallis fulva



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Usda Zone

Zone 4

Native Habitat

Woodland Garden_Sunny Edge;_Dappled Shade;_Ground Cover;_Meadow;_

Size of plant for sale

Bareroot clump

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