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Elderberry (bundle of 25) (Restoration Agriculture)

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Product Description

Description from Mark Shepard’s website: The elderberry is a medium sized shrub that produces large clusters of tiny white flowers that bear dark purple berries._ Blooming in early summer, the plant avoids frost damage akin to many other fruits._ Elderberries are loaded with antioxidants, specifically the anthocyanins that provide their color._ Commonly found in riparian areas and mesic forest-edge habitats.

Additional Information

Latin Name

Sambucus canadensis

Size At Maturity

Approx 8′ (variable)

Usda Zone

Zone 4

Native To Ontario


Pollination Requirements

Higher production with at least two.

Size of plant for sale

Bareroot 12-18″


Grown from seeds from Mark Shepard’s breeding program, which selects for robust, hardy, early bearing, high quality in organic/non-spray conditions, and little care. He calls this program STUN: Sheer


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