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Pawpaw – Benson


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Product Description

Pawpaw is a truly magical fruit. The closest to a tropical fruit we can grow in Southern Ontario, where it is also a native plant. About the shape of a mango, with a similar skin, though the inner fruit is textured more like a banana. The taste is variously described as custard-like, banana-like, and mango-like (Rob Read describes it as being like vanilla pudding.) Pawpaw grows to various sizes, as tall as 25-30′, but the ones we sell are likely to be smaller than that. The pawpaws we carry are varieties selected for their large and bountiful fruit harvests, and also for taste. They are grafted onto seed grown stock.

Benson: Another newly released variety introduced by the Kentucky State University breeding program, KSU-Benson Pawpaw ripens in mid-season and is prized for it incredibly heavy crops, 150 or more fruit per tree, and rich and delicious flavour.

Herbal qualities: The fruit is used as a laxative. The leaves are diuretic. They are applied externally to boils, ulcers and abscesses. The seed contains the alkaline asiminine, which is emetic and narcotic. They have been powdered and applied to hair to kill lice. The bark is a bitter tonic. It contains the alkaline analobine, which is used medicinally.

Additional Information

Latin Name

Asimina triloba



Size At Maturity


Usda Zone

Zone 5

Native Habitat

An understorey tree of woodlands, growing in deep rich moist soils of river valleys and bottomlands, often forming dense thickets.

Native To Ontario


Pollination Requirements

Plant two varieties or a combination of seedlings and varieties for cross-pollination.

Size of plant for sale

5 1/2″ band pot



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